thinking about renovation? so are we.

exceptional craftsmanship

Integro’s team of highly-skilled and licensed sub-contractors is integral to our success. They work with great attention to detail and respect for historical integrity, delivering a custom product of high quality craftsmanship.

managed for you

In addition to the quality of the final product we build for you, Integro prides itself on the seamless management of that custom project. Restoring or renovating your home for the future can be an unfamiliar and dauntingly complex process with lots of moving parts. Integro helps remove the stress from the process and allows you to fully enjoy the creative and tangible transformation of your space into the final product.


Integro’s project management and communication skills provide you with the highest level of customer service. From the start, we work closely with you, guiding you throughout the building process: clarifying exactly what to expect and keeping you updated on our progress. Our experience and expertise in restoring and renovating a variety of building types provides for a streamlined execution that minimizes the impact on you.


Through our management of the building process, Integro makes it possible for your experience to be effortless and positive with a focus on enjoying the custom product we have built for you.

collaborative process

Architects and Interior Designers are essential for the success of any major restoration or renovation project. Every renovation or restoration is unique – defined by its existing structure and the future vision and needs of the client. Architectural and design professionals provide the creative guidance and level of detail needed to, quite literally, get us all on the same page. Not only do architects and designers provide us with the design plans from which we build, but they also specify and source your interior finishes – their expertise allows you to achieve the “wow” factor in your project while avoiding costly oversights.


Integro recognizes the pivotal role architects and designers play in custom building and approaches projects collaboratively, facilitating a team relationship between owner, architect, and builder. This conversation begins from the very outset of the project and helps make your vision a reality.


We work as a team, designed with you in mind.

building with integrity

Integro is fundamentally committed to our clients. Achieving the ambitions of custom design while working within the realities of construction is one of the greatest challenges in any project. Our philosophy centers around the four cornerstones of custom restoration and renovation: scope of work, quality of execution, budgetary requirements, and expectations of schedule. Upholding all four of these cornerstones is essential to the success of every project and is the driving force behind our approach.


Our personalized oversight of your project is deeply rooted in this philosophy, allowing the Integro team to deliver a high-quality product with respect for your vision, schedule and budget. We value our clients by building with integrity.