Winkler Residence


The Winkler Residence involved the interior remodeling of the 2nd floor of a 2-story, mid-century modern style single family home. The scope included the re-construction of the 1st/2nd floor staircase, installation of hardwood flooring, installation of new trim moldings and window casings, the gut rehab of two full bathrooms, and the remodeling of the Master Bedroom suite.


Mid-Century Modern houses were built between 1945-1980. These buildings feature prominent geometric lines throughout the house, large quantities and sizes of windows bringing natural light and nature indoors, and a focus on access to nature and outdoor space from the interior. Preparing for retirement, our clients had resided in this house for over 30 years. In collaboration with SMNG-A Architects, our goal was to improve the interior layout and finishes while still respecting the building’s original mid-century design.


The challenges on this project included maximizing the use of these spaces while working within the existing footprint of the building. The original design of this building heavily featured natural light, loft areas, and strong angles. In the Master Bathroom, the ceiling was over 12 feet at its highest point –at its lowest point, it was a traditional 8 feet. This dramatic slope had a tendency to bring the eye downwards; therefore, the bathroom appeared smaller than it was. The harsh angle of the roof was originally mitigated in this room by a deep closet which helped avoid an awkward soffit.


Our resolution was to visually expand the Master Bathroom by eliminating the closet and maximize this area with a large-scale vanity spanning the entire length of the bathroom. This vanity featured custom towers that provided storage and raised the viewpoint upwards. We installed a glass, walk-in shower; eliminating any visual separation from the shower into the main space. This was further complimented by a large-scale mirror which reflected the stately fixtures and visual interest of the vanity cabinet depth proportions.

The original cast-iron bathtub in the Guest Bathroom was glazed and restored to its original state. Simple, white subway tile was installed to achieve an final product boasting an effortless sophistication. The Master Bedroom was remodeled and outfitted with custom millwork built-in shelving designed to house large windows above it which allowed the existing skylights to continue to flood the space with natural light. The original staircase was restored – the treads sanded and re-finished and the staircase extended for ease of access. Circa 1980s, the square, wooden handrail, and balusters were replaced with solid oak newel posts and cast iron balusters.


Ultimately, this project combined luxury design with the natural beauty outdoors. Avid gardeners, our clients’ lush landscape was highlighted indoors through a constant prioritization of natural light, elimination of visual obstructions, and a strong focus on simple elegance. Implementing modern amenities while respecting the original design of the building allowed our clients to enjoy a 21st century experience in their beloved mid-century modern home.

Project Photos

Lisle, IL