Is it a Good Idea to Build a Custom Home During COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID times are uneasy times. Specifically, COVID times are exhausting times. This is an endurance sport and I believe we’re all ready for this tournament to be over. We are constantly managing the paradox of our current existence: the hours are long and the days are short…we’re surprised that the weekend is already here while looking back at the long and exhausting week that we just endured. We have dreams of better days and new places – in fact, many are not just thinking of vacation, they are thinking of vacation homes.

In November 2020, Michigan launched a program offering $15,000 to new homeowners willing to settle in Western Michigan and they closed the program two weeks later due to popular demand.

So, is it a good idea to build a custom home during COVID? Well, if you don’t, you’re going to be building it for more very soon. The exodus has begun and Western Michigan is the dream of palm trees in the desert. Remember, one doesn’t decide to build a custom home and start construction three months later. There is likely a year of preparation before construction equipment shows up on site.

If you’re interested in building a primary or second home in Michigan, start looking for your land! Engage your architect!

You’ve just spent a year cooped up in your home, write down all of the things you wish you had to make this experience easier while they’re fresh! Then incorporate them into your home design.

Yes, it’s a good idea to build a custom home during COVID because building a custom home requires a lot of thoughtful planning…and what better time than now to engage in a productive distraction?

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