Final Reveal: The Oak Brook Project Landscaping!

What can I say? We all thought we’d be done a lot sooner. We started in April, were delayed by the Village until June, finished in August, and were delayed AGAIN by the Village until October…over bushes.

Yes, bushes.

Need to refresh your memory? Here’s a recap of our journey this spring!

So, back to the Village Manager we went for final approval of our…bushes.

Holy schmoly  – we’re not crazy without reason.

The project, itself? Totally awesome – we dug, we built, we planted, we lit. We were forced to do it all during the heat of the summer and we pulled it off. We had to replace some plants along the way; however, it wasn’t as bad as we had feared.

We followed up with some intense weekly watering and ended up with a beautiful fall photoshoot.

So, here we go folks. The Big Reveal:




















A huge thank you to Escapes Landscape Design and their team for our detailed design, your collaborative enthusiasm – literally, in the trenches – and your undeniable eye for beauty.

To our photographer: The 606 Studio. Thank you for bringing our Work into the light at dusk.

To our Clients: The reason for our existence and the passion behind our craft. Your kindness, your responsiveness, your flexibility, your patience – none of it went unnoticed. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to spend another year with you. It is clients like you who remind us why we do what we do. Thank you.


Want to see the original Oak Brook Project? Check out the photos at Integro Rehab!

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