3 Home Renovation Projects to Take on During Summer

Now that summer is in full bloom, it’s time to get down to business and accomplish your home improvement goals! The days are longer and the weather is warmer so let’s discuss how to use your time (and money!) effectively to finish those projects.

Here are a few projects that we think are the best to take on during the summer

1. Kitchens

Studies have shown that renovating your kitchen has one of the best returns on investments. According to HGTV, it’s expected that you will recoup 60 – 120% of your renovation costs. Why do upgrades in the summer? Just about any sort of kitchen construction will displace you and your family during meal time. Instead of getting frustrated (and hungry), take this opportunity to dine al fresco in your backyard…or let your bathing suit reap the benefits of your renovation!

2. Exterior

First impressions matter and curb appeal is especially important if you plan on selling your home. Head to your local garden center and focus on upgrading your landscaping. Check the forecast and choose a humidity-free week to give your doors and shutters a fresh coat of paint. Tuckpointing and siding are also tasks to consider during the warm-weather months.

3. Outdoor Entertaining

Adding an outdoor entertaining space to your home will greatly increase its value. From turning a tired old deck into a modern brick patio to adding built-in fireplaces and grilling stations…the possibilities are endless. While these types of upgrades can be done anytime before the first frost, we recommend doing them as early in the summer as possible — that gives you more time to enjoy your new space!

Summer is a great time to achieve your home renovation goals – especially if you are considering selling in the near future. If you would like to discuss YOUR home renovation projects, feel free to contact us!

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