How to Build Your Property Renovation Team

Whether you’re renovating an investment property, flipping a property or redoing your own home, it’s important to understand that there are many moving parts in this arduous process. Having a reliable team of experts in place is essential to accomplishing your project in a timely manner.

Here are the key players you’ll need to round out your renovation team.

Interior Designer
An interior designer works closely with the homeowner to create the plans and vision for the home — everything from room layouts to paint colors. The interior designer works with the rest of the renovation team to execute the plans.

Major renovations will require an architect’s expertise to create a plan that combines visual aesthetics with functionality and structural possibilities. The architect will also consult with an engineer to provide recommendations for specific systems, like electrical, plumbing, heat and ventilation.

The contractor executes the plans created by the architect and interior designer, bringing together the necessary labor, equipment, materials and services to complete the project. This often includes hiring subcontractors to handle specialized portions of the renovation.

It’s crucial to have a lawyer on-hand to review the many contracts you’ll need to sign and permits that will have to be applied for to move forward. Your lawyer can also check licenses and insurance on all of the vendors that you hire.

Loan Officer
Depending on the type of property being considered for renovation, it may qualify for a construction or rehab loan. Consulting with a loan officer before breaking ground could result in additional funds.

Remember to thoroughly research each member of your team, and communicate with them often to ensure you’re satisfied with the results. If you have questions regarding your home renovation options, please contact us today.

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