Vacation Blues

I remember the days when I was gallivanting across England having tea with Michael, going to weddings, soaking in clawfoot tubs of countryside B&B’s…well, my friends, those days are long past. Now, it’s Sebastian’s turn. He is with his family for four…4…weeks. Do you know how you have an awesome member of your team? When they leave, it is extremely painful. Also, when they leave, you get unsolicited calls from sub-contractors that he has called to make sure they are ready and available at my beck and call (this is no small feat in the construction industry in general, let alone during the high summer season). There are also a surprising number of things that are difficult without him:

1. Folding tarps


2. Installing temperamental door handles.


(FYI, the problem was that I had it in backwards)

3. Helping level bathroom floors.


4. Installing 35 outlet covers.


4. Taking the painful plastic things off the back of 35 outlet covers.


5. Realizing I bought the wrong outlet cover for 25 of the 35 outlets.


6. Having lunch by myself.


Sorry, I don’t have a picture of me waiting for a toilet delivery this past week. Michael joined me because he knows I’m desperate for camaraderie. 3 weeks to go!

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